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Spreading awareness of the Florida Black Bear hunt

Adam Sugalski is the founder and campaign director for Stop The Florida Bear Hunt. He started this campaign when he saw that the FWC Conservation Commission failed to listen to the will of the people and leading scientists. In court testimony on October 1, 2015, Dr. Thomas Eason, Director of Habitat and Species Conservation for the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC), admitted that the black bear has not exceeded the biological carrying capacity of its habitat.

If there are not too many bears in the woods, and conflicts with humans in suburbia can be almost completely solved with simple changes in human behavior, why is the state authorizing the killing of 320 bears?" Sugalski asked. - Washington Post 10/29/2015

Other publications include
UK Express - 280 bears MASSACRED in shocking Florida bear hunt as THOUSANDS of hunters flock to kill
Washington Post - 298 bears killed in Florida hunt that ‘ignored science’ 

Adam Sugalski was co-writer in these two essays.
Psychology Today - 10-15-2015
The Huffington Post - 10-15-2015

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Stop The Florida Bear Hunt Statewide Contacts

Tom Mooney - South West Florida Outreach Coordinator 
Phone: (239) 287-2314
Email: Tommooney.mediawheels@gmail.com


We oppose this hunt, not only because it is unjustified, but because we do not believe it will solve any problems. Better proposals including relocation, sterilization, and bear proof trash receptacles were proposed and rejected.  

We will continue to fight this trophy hunt so that 2015 with be the last year of this atrocity. The fate of the black bear is in our hands. Please donate today and help us save the precious Florida black bear.