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3,778 Hunting Permits Sold to Kill 320 Bears

Killing is not conservation


In the summer of 2015, friends, neighbors, and community activists came together to start a movement to save Florida black bears from being hunted. As the 2015 hunt proceeded, our volunteers witnessed underweight cubs and lactating mothers being brought to the weigh stations, and slaps on the wrist for violations. 304 bears were killed in just 48 hours, with some areas exceeding three times their quota. This mismanaged trophy hunt, sold as a public safety measure further galvanized Floridians to stop this unnecessary slaughter. 

In June FWC voted 4-3 not to hold a bear hunt for 2016, thanks to the pressure of our grassroots bear defenders. But this reprieve for bears may only be temporary. We need citizens to speak up, and let the FWC know that lethal wildlife management should be the absolute last resort. Please join us! Facebook.com/stopbearhunt

We are currently updating website will our focus to 2017. Stay tuned!


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